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From the World March 19, 2018


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If you’re not a skate geek, then Dannie’s name probably doesn’t ring a bell.

But even if it doesn’t, I’m sure you’ve already seen Dannie skate. I make this weird assumption based on the fact that you were most likely at the CPH Open this summer – as this year’s edition was so packed that it felt like half of Europe’s population attended the event.

But if you happened to actually be there like us, there’s no way you missed Dannie: despite his quiet nature, he’s the guy that everybody was talking about. Commentators, top pros, randomers. And all of it was for the right reason: Dannie blew everybody’s mind with his foot wizardry and unique lines every time he was on the board, wether it was at Wonderland’s bowl, on the outdoor mini ramp of the Copenhagen skatepark or in the streets.

And if you still can’t remember it, just blame it on the free Tuborg this time. But please do yourself a favor and check some of his clips from his Instagram profile. Some of this stuff is messed up.

Today is a good day as the good folks at Globe who have been supporting Dannie for a while now are now rewarding him with a colorway of Mark Appleyards’ Mahalo SG shoe. If you happen to be around, we highly recommend attending one of the the parties below. And we can’t wait to check out Dannie’s upcoming part that will also be premiering at each stop!

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