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A lot happened in London last week.

Apart from navigating the whole Street League madness and passing by the Copper Box arena only to witness Nyjah taking top prize once again, we were lucky enough to attend the world premiere of GIZMO, Nike SB’s new all-women skate video. Inspired by Elissa Steamer’s nickname, and put together by none other than Jason Hernandez — the man behind some of our all-time favourite skate videos such as Transworld’s “A Time to Shine” or the Nike Chronicles series — the video is a phenomenal display of the Swoosh women team.

About 20 years ago, Elissa was pushing her way into skateboarding’s spotlight, being one of the first women to ever make a living out of her passion. Her style transcended gender and inspired generations of skateboarders for years to come, and being now able to witness the new generation living up to her legacy is a beautiful thing. From Sarah Meurle opening up on that banging Broadcast song, to Nicole Hause killing every single transition, and Lacey Baker’s part, which would put a lot of men to shame, every single person involved in the project absolutely killed it.

If the energy and positive vibes emanating from the numerous European premieres weren’t enough to convince you, then the one minute intro should do a fair job at hooking you into the full length of this piece, highlighting why the women skate scene is the best it’s ever been.

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