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Gony Zubizarretta has long been a lord on the Euro scene. And rightly so. Today is his Birthday so we thought we would delve a little deeper… his background is deeply entwined with 20th century Spanish history and it makes for interesting reading…

His great grandfather was from the basque country in the hills behind San Sebastian. They left to Argentina with Gony’s grandparents in tow due to the horrors of the Spanish Civil war (we would highly recommend  Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia to gain a deeper understanding of this period) . Fast forward to Gony’s birth in Argentina. A swift few infantile months were spent nestled in South America’s bosom before his parents then relocated back to Spain, more specially wave drenched Vigo, Galicia. Enter circle complete and the scene was set.

Photo : Pablo Martinez 

Photo : Pablo Martinez 

Now residing in Ericeira, We recently Eurothrashed with him through Portgual and Spain.  From ruling a solid day at Cave, to showing us the best restaurants in town to then tearing saturday night in San Sebastian a new one. He then won two QS’s back to back and backed off hangovers. All with an infectious smile. All with the better grace of many guys out there. All with the Editor of Surfer magazine and a local grom in tow. All in the same week. Helluva boy.

Photo : Aitor Molina

Photo : Aitor Molina


Today being his birthday we gave him a quick call.

WT: Gony! Happy Birthday Brother

Gony: Yeah boys!!!! Thanks so much – 32 years old fuck!

WT: Ha, what’s the plan today?

Gony: Going to eat at Pescador with the boys and then not sure, maybe Lisbon…

WT: Uh Oh…

Gony: Well if not I’m going south to the Algarve tomorrow for a few days as the waves look fun so maybe I’ll party in a local bar there… regional partying –  let’s see!

WT: What’s new then?

Gony: I’ve been cruising in Ericeira, just moved house so sorting wifi and all that shit, waves have been pumping though. Pedra Blanca, Coxos, the full works! I saw you guys went to Ireland best place and crew ever, those guys are amazing – how was it?!

WT: It was pumping, thanks for making Gearoid’s flight, we had the best time. What’s your plan now then?

Gony: In Portugal for a little while, then the Basque country, then Indo for a Volcom trip with Leon (Glatzer) and William (Allioti)! Then hopefully I’ll come see the boys soon in France.

And like that he was on to the next mission, we imagine still wearing that infectious smile.

Photo : Aitor Molina

Photo : Aitor Molina



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