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Soussia. Noun


A language spoken in the south west of Morocco, more specifically in the regions of Sidi Ifni and Agadir.

4 days in Morocco. The swell of the year. Apart from it didn’t arrive. So we duly board flights last minute and go. Four days is not a lot of time, so we hustle. We drive. I make notes in my diary,

“Sunrise. 20 knots offshore and I am checking a beach break wearing a shawl. I am not sure whether I am T.E Lawrence, Michal Douglas or Trinny and Susanna. A man interrupts me because I interrupted him sleeping on a cliff. I settle for a mixture of T.E Lawrence and Susanna”

The swell does arrive but is smaller and still très fun. He stays in wetsuit all day.

“I find this behaviour odd but he seems happy so I ask no questions as we drive through the desert. He is Tonto and I am the Lone Ranger. I am Michal Douglas and he is Kathleen Turner in the Jewel of the Nile” 

 We sleep for exactly 2 hours and 17 minutes in an airport hotel and then we fly to France.

And at the end we have it. Soussia. 

A video by Yentl Touboul

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