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Guillem Cruells has been a busy boy of late. Barcelona, Portugal, Hossegor, Paris, Indonesia. All in a month. But he’s nearly there. Everything we love is the result of these travels and toils, and we’re pyshced to see it… We’ll be holding a premiere in France, watch this space…

“A year ago we started this project called Everything we love.

It was the combination of ideas from a group of friends that ended up creating this project. No one really knew what the final result would be, but we did know exactly what we wanted to transmit. Even though it was a tough road, we accepted the challenge. With passion and persistence we are now glad to present you: Everything we love, one year filming surfing overseas.”


A new surf film by Guillem Cruells

Starring Ethan Egiguren, Julen Egiguren and others

Visual Art by Albert Sanjuán

Exclusive OST by Nathan Ridley and J. Batalla / Nerobambola




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