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This past weekend we found ourselves winding up in Tofino, BC of all places. Just so happens Joel Tudor was hosting the Vans Duct Tape Festival along with some of our favourites; Dane Reynolds, Tanner Gudauskas & Alex Knost. As expected the waves were weak and way too far out to view anything legit but the weather was strong and the drinks stronger (those cocktails at Storm especially). We got to ride boards the guys shaped themselves, (Tanner’s boogie board being a fun favourite). Jeremy Koreski took us out to a forest and then on his boat. We discovered that Vinyl Ritchie might be the best Dj to grace the planet and we had a cheeky chat with Dane about Fatherhood, Former and his love for Feral KingdomBut we’re saving that one. It’s good. And good things come to those who wait

Thanks to Vans for having us for a rad few days. 

The new Vans UltraRange will be available across Europe from August 1st, 2017

Timo Jarvinen, Finnish Maestro

Timo Jarvinen, Finnish Maestro

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