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By now you’re probably sick of hearing about Copenhagen. 

Unless you’re in the midst of an Instagram hiatus , your feed has undoubtedly been clogged with clips from your favourite skaters shredding the Danish capital in celebration of this year’s Copenhagen Open. We didn’t think emulating last year’s edition was possible. It was. Spoiler Alert! Ishod won. You can watch our interview with the king right here.

In the meantime we recommend watching this clip below. Whilst it’s not a recap of last week’s madness. (That’s on its way). Watching the Cleptomanicx team shred the Viking capital of skateboarding, certainly eases the comedown of leaving, 

Starring Niklas Speer von Cappeln, Jan Hoffman, Tjark Thielker, Benjamin Vogel and Dennis Laass.

Video by David Lindberg.

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