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Originals, Videos August 24, 2017June 28th, 2020

Paul Hart in Barcelona

This winter we were in a bar in Newport Beach C.A.

This is not unusual as in Newport Beach C.A there are bars aplenty and not a whole lot else on offer. We were sat at the bar and I think we were drinking IPAs but the bar was dingy and California is an amazing place but also hazes memories so I’m not entirely sure. 

We were with Paul and his team manager at Globe floated the idea that he should come to Barcelona at the end of an EU skate tour and film with us. 

Paul’s eyes lit up the dingy bar. “Oh man I love Europe”

Fast forward a few months and we are on a train somewhere headed to Barcelona. And that was that.

Filmed by Yentl Touboul and Guillem Cruells
Edited by Guillem Cruells
Supported by Globe

For more photos from the trip, grab yourself a copy of Volume 1

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