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So I feel like a badass with my first photo pass, right?

And I’m going to see DIIV for the first time. I’m hyped (too hyped?) I come up to the bouncer (after walking past the whole line) and ask, “is there a photo pass.. uhh.. line?” Bouncer: “nope.” (Go to back of line) First of many straightforward and humbling experiences that night, the music delivering most of them. 

There are people from all walks of life there, at an old church with stained glass windows. People are so fucking amped to see DIIV but still very calm and controlled. Everyone sitting politely in their seats during the songs, letting out a shy hoot or whistle here and there. This is civilised. We like this.

The set ended up being not totally acoustic. They had some amps ups but overall its def mellow feels. Cole to crowd: “Anyone else nervous??”. He had no reason to be, they smashed through selects from both albums and also a couple of covers which were insane. 

No AC. It’s hot. Dangerously hot. COLE reads text to crowd from venue manager. It was fuckinnng hot.

His facial expression after solo part before intermission was awesome. Pulled his hair back with both hands and super wide eyed looking at the ground. he said holy shit and laughed to himself. I’m not sure whether it was due to the heat or the show. I’ll settle for both. 

I tried to be sneaky and take pics of people mooching outside during intermission. Almost everyone caught me taking their pic. These two chicks just stared me down once, like hard. Humbled again. It’s time to bail. 

Text and photos by John Outwater.

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