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Text by Alexei Obolensky, photos by  Yentl Touboul .

Text by Alexei Obolensky, photos by Yentl Touboul.

Our editor Robin Pailler recently pulled me aside in one of the corridors of the sprawling office complex that is Wasted Talent and chastised me for starting articles / captions / conversations / emails with “Oh!”

But here I won’t negotiate!

Oh Paris!

Paris is fantastic. New York is great and London is fun, Hong Kong is spicy and LA is Meh. But Paris is Paris and nothing will ever come close. When an email arrives in your inbox saying would you like a premiere a surf film on a rooftop in Paris you say yes and immediately buy new shoes to commemorate such a momentous occasion. 

I digress. The reception of something you’ve put your soul into for a few months can be a nerve racking thing. But les bieres and premieres usually go hand in hand and this is the best medicine. However our child of Eurothrash was received with hoots and cries. We couldn’t have been happier. Joined by Gony, William and Alex Bothelo, we cavorted on our rooftop garden long into the night – memory fades but the smiles remain. Below are some photos shot by our beloved Yentl that may or may not give an indication for the fine time we had.  

A grand merci to Volcom and the Paris Surf and Skateboard Film Festival to pulling this off. 

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