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Our good friend Rafael Gonzalez just finished putting together the last few pieces of his new photographic project: Intêrstate Magazine.

Intêrstate is a print magazine focused on skateboarding, visual culture & arts. Its photographic language projects a broader impression that goes beyond tricks, and rather makes reference to individuals who seek in skateboarding a medium to express themselves.

Issue #1 includes a selection of skateboarding photos shot in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bogota and Panama, a panoramic photo essay of Lyon, Josue Watts’ impressions during his last summer Barcelona escapade, a music review from Built to Spill and to conclude a skate photo-journal of Tallin/Helsinki.

Photographs by Rafael González.

Cover: Josué Watts; Backside Tailslide to Backside Kickflip Out.

All photographs were shot on black and white film.

Size: 21cm × 28cm

88 pages

Edition of 200, numbered.

Printed in Cologne, Germany.

And here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming your way! You can pre-order your copy of Intêrstate Issue #1 here.

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