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As you may have heard, the past 10 days have been pretty busy in the South-West of France.

We’ve seen a lot of stuff happening in our backyard these past two weeks. Mostly packed line-ups, road rages, and enough parties to make productive mornings a thing of the past.

With the EPØKHE crew in town and in stellar form and with the help of the good folks at Globe we proudly dropped the world premiers of Kai Neville‘s Listen Now, Misty Dawn and Joe G’s Cult of Freedom (the Australia part).

The location, an industrial warehouse. Those that descended were treated to endless beers and a sensory overload via a DJ set from Clement Froissart, photo exhibition from Grady Archbold and of course the latest works from film masters Kai Neville and Joe G.

Here are a few photos from the event in case you missed it.

Keep listening for more, and online release dates for both films.

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