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As groms, Volcom was the brand we all aspired to. The Stone! Bruce! Youth against establishment! That Stone meant something and it still fucking does. It’s not only what you see through the team, but also guys behind the brand. The anons behind the Macbook pros who put their heart and soul into everything you see – and truly do not give a shit about what others think. As an example try stopping by the Hossegor team house from April to November at any given point you’ll see the carnage that ensues. Notably an introduction to Gary Ablett. Usually organised by the aforementioned anons, who by no surprise, and by their own admission are complete mad dogs.

   We’ve got an infinite amount of time for that. To that end we’re pretty stoked to have a limited run of Colab tees with Volcom. To get your grubby little hands on one come hither






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