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The getting back together of a band is a glorious thing. And none better than Globe’s A team aquatic dancing to the beat of Joe G’s drum. A drum that has produced such master pieces as Secret Machine, Strange Rumblings amongst most of the other creative genius you see from hi that is the driving part of the Globe’s imagery. We’re realiably informed Cult of Freedom is the first in a web series of location based films coming from the Globe team, safe to say we are sold…. 

But enough from us, we are merely observers, voyeurs into the inner workings on such things. We touched base with our Sub Saharan man on the inside, Brendon Gibbens for his take on things. 

“Shooting for The Australia Part was a blast! Any trip to Aus results in a good time, so doing it with the entire Globe team made it even better. I’m very grateful to be able to work with such a talented and humble group of friends! 

The premise of this new film project is based on the fact that everyone on the Globe team is a free surfer. None of us are involved in the contest circuit, which is pretty epic in my opinion. I think that free spirit really shines through in Joe G’s new edit” – BG

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