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From the World January 4, 2018

We’re giving away free stuff……


Isn’t getting things for free a blast? So much better than paying!

So before we begin. I have a confession to make. More mornings than not I pinch a small handful of gold coins from the office float for coffee. Technically a victimless crime, and I’m only stealing from 42.5% of it from myself (ain’t equity a beautiful thing!) but oh my is the thrill tingling and the bittersweet coffee tastes so much better with a 100% discount! 

So whilst sipping my free victimless crime coffee, I spoke with our friends who run our online store (we keep them locked in a cupboard with a couple of monitors – it’s called back end for a reason) I prised open the door a little, and threw them their morning biscuit. It then struck me! I asked them if we could giveaway some stuff from their kingdom in exchange for a free lunch and they said yes!

To that end, we’re offering a free Octopus set up ( 2 x pads and leash) as well as a free pair of Epøkhe glasses of your choosing in exchange for pretty much nothing. Well nothing is never really nothing, and all we ask for in return is an email address. We promise we’ll only send you good shit, and not even that often. We figure that if you’re here anyway you might like the stuff we have to say so let’s get closer and digitally hold hands! We’ll choose the winner at random on the 9th of January. Get at it. 

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