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Isn’t diversity a wonderful thing? 

Last week we shared with you RVCA skate team’s adventure in Hawaii, and what a pleasant one it was. Watching Curren Caples flowing through Banzai’s skatepark is a spectacle we recommend attending by clicking here, if you haven’t already done so.

This week sees the new installment of the RVCAloha series, and features some of the brand’s top specialist of the water-stunts speciality. From local chargers like Danny Fuller, Makua Rothman & Bruce Irons to passing by west coasters like Ford Archbold, Colin Moran or Alex Knost, RVCA stickers were all over the North Shore this winter, as the A-team took full advantage of the team house settled right in front of OTW. 

Dive in Blaine Suque’s latest video for RVCA.

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