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Öctagon is one of these new skateboard brands that make European skateboarding so exciting these days. 

Many clothing labels are being created these days, but seeing a concept that well thought, and most importantly, that well executed than Öctagon is a rarity. From their clothing range, graphic designs, team rider selection, and brand story, everything goes flawlessly together, and their videos are the perfect reflection of this.

If you haven’t seen PERCEPTIÖNSURVEYÖR or the more recent ALPHA celebrating the introduction of Phil Zwijsen, we highly recommend that you stop everything you’re doing and do yourself a favor by diving in their industrial and hostile universe.

Today is all about CODEBASE, the brand’s new video celebrating their latest collaboration with VANS. The bar was set high, and so were our expectations, but we were not disappointed. Everything from filming, sound design, location choice and trick selection is so on point, that we can’t help but preach you to watch the video, and shop the collaboration Slip-Ons Pro here.

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