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We won’t hide that Metal Neck is one of our favorite shows in surfing.

Andrew Doheny, filmmaker Matt Tromberg and their friends have been putting together some rad little surf edits for a few years now. Their raw and candid approach to making surf movies is perfectly illustrated in their two full films, Metal Neck and Metal Neck 2, the Bangover.

A few weeks ago, we received a phone call from Volcom’s team manager saying that the boys apparently landed in town. One hour later and we were checking the waves and playing the Melvins full blast out of their C-Max’s radio in front front of the legendary – but now defunct – Volcom house in Hossegor. Followed 3 days of chasing our tails, between the rain storms, huge tides and long-period swells offered by the French winter. Most of our time was spent climbing dunes and getting skunked… but we managed to find a few diamonds in the rough and we can’t wait to show you the full story soon, as we’re keeping it warm for Vol. 2… 

Instead, dive in Andrew’s new clip, surfing around his home of Newport beach, and Central America on a plethora of his own shapes and shapes by others.

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