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From the World February 9, 2018


We’ve seen this one coming for a little while now..

We’d caught glimpses here and there. We’d heard some of the soundtrack. Some of the raw 16mm files as they arrived in the post… Damn, we were actually on location as some of the video was being filmed! So we knew it would be good. But seeing the finished project come to life is a treat.

This video is the second joint venture between two entities we adore: Swedish clothing label Poetic Collective and Robin Pailler, filmmaker here at Wasted Talent. Last summer, Robin followed the team as they skated through the streets of their home-town, Malmö in Sweden, which resulted in Magnolia.

Amaryllis is the continuity of this project, and it takes you on a trip to the city on other side of the bridge: Copenhagen.

If you want some background information before jumping into a video, we recommend checking out our interview with Tom Botwid, founder of Poetic Collective, in which he discusses the inspirations behind the brand, Stevie Williams’ switch mongo push being more rap than most Swedish rappers ever were, and other skateboarding related stuff… But otherwise we can’t encourage you enough to jump right into it and witness the latest foot wizardry from some of our favorite European riders such as Samuel Norgren, Simon Källkvist, Sarah Meurle, Peter Johansson, Tom Botwid, Nils Lilja, Johanna Juzelius, Johannes Packalen & Klas Andersson.

Stay tuned for more from the Collective, as we’ve got a little surprise in the print form coming soon…

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