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I’m gonna be honest here. The first time I heard rumors about this trip from a certain Globe marketing manager, a few questions – if not worries – crossed my mind:

“Why Lisbon? There are so many other places to go on a skate trip in Europe! What about Barcelona? Madrid? Milan? I mean, even France has its share of good spots, and damn! It’s not even Winter! Just go to Copenhagen!”

Anyway… I was a bit confused.

But it’s easy to forget the immense talent present on the Globe Team Roster and how easy (and cheap!) it is to encounter good times in Portugal. I mean, some of our most cherished memories here at Wasted Talent were created on that stretch of coast, in a certain town called Ericeira. Remember that time when Noa dragged our 15-man team to surf maxing Cave? Well, that was 1H North… and after all, Portugal was the best choice imaginable! 

It’s quite clear that the Globe team found good luck in Lisbon, and this edit is the proof that when pairing a tight team of skateboarders to master filmmakers such as Joe G, you can’t really go wrong. It’s good to see Paul Hart back in Europe after our Spanish Vacation from last year, and while Ryan Decenzo is probably not my favorite skater, you’ve got to appreciate the fact that the guy could probably film a part in a week. He’s that consistent. But most of all, big props to Globe for signing Sammy Montano, and giving one of the most stylish skateboarders of his generation the chance to shine that he didn’t have with his previous sponsor; we can’t have enough of the guy, and recommend you dive into this edit right away!

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