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Remember that time when you couldn’t see anything else than photos of Iggy Pop on your Instagram feed?

Well if you don’t, here’s a scoop: Creed McTaggart, Beau Foster, Ellis Ericson and their band “WASH” recently played a gig with the frontman of The Stooges while on their annual Hawaiian vacation this winter.

If you’re in search for some finely chopped high performance wave ridding, this video is probably not where you should be heading: “Downhill from here” celebrates the RAGE boys’ time in Hawaii in the most “lo-fi/family movie” way possible. Shaky handycam footage, non-existence of color grading… Everything to make a video editor see red is here. But it sure does a great job at showcasing the fine times had by the boys, and being in the Caribbean at the moment, it was actually perfect to hype me up to grab any floating device and head to the closest shorey with my friends. 

If you’re into everything the RAGE boys do and can appreciate a little irony, then we’ll advise checking out this clip, otherwise, we will send you straight back a few weeks to watch Creed’s part in the new EPOKHE movie “Listen Now, Misty Dawn.”

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