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If you’re in need for a skate video to hype you up for your afternoon session, don’t look any further.

The Vans European Skate team aka “The Gordon Beach Boys” recently embarked on a journey to Israel, and damn it looks like a glorious time. In this video, the crew consisting of Joseph Biais, Mickael Germond, Val Bauer, Quentin Boillon and John Purcell take on some of the famous spots of the area, and whilst most of these beachfront ones look rather dreamy, you also got to appreciate the creative approach of the boys on some of the other, less idyllic ones. And if you weren’t already sold on Quentin Boillon, well, his few appearances in the edit should be just enough to back up the madness already witnessable on his Instagram account

On top of this, Romain “Bataaard” did a nice job on the edit, and after the recent run of the  “Giddy” series, it hyped me up on seeing more from him & the Vans crew… and quite possibly book myself a little vacation as eating Sabichs under the sun.

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