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We’ve crossed paths many a times.

We’ve even been introduced through mutual acquaintances once or twice, in fact we finished off last year’s Quik Pro sinking beers and dancing to her music, but we never truly met Lee-Ann Curren until winter hit our shores.

For the record, winter this year was long.

In fact we might still be in it. The Basque Coast can suddenly become a very small place, a handful of locals left to endure the storm whilst fraudulent neighbours head for the slopes. Those of us that remain naturally form a bond. A mutual understanding and respect for our perseverance and stupidity to see the winter solstice through. 

LeeAnnCurren1 @yentlt.JPG

It’s during these months we became friends with Lee-Ann. She’s not hard to miss. When you’re the daughter of arguably the best pro surfer of all time, it’s no easy feat to go unseen. It’s even harder to carve your own path yet Lee-Ann’s done just that. Despite sharing her offspring’s roots in both surfing and music alike, she’s managed to forge her own fortune, content in achieving her own goals, regardless of the status quo.

We decided to document our time with the 28 year old (along with her adopted border collie Bowie) and discussed music, growing up in the Basque Country and the pressures of living up to her heritage.

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