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We’ve been hearing a lot about Bordeaux recently, and I bet you did too.

If you live in France, then you know what we are talking about: the city is slowly becoming one of the most visited locations by tourists, but also by Parisians, who are now enjoying a brand new 2H direct train line that enable them to massively move out of the capital… and we bet you will want to do the same after watching Magenta‘s full length “Just Cruise”.

We spent quite some time with Leo Valls and the members of the Magenta family of late, and they definitely are one of the crews doing things right in Europe. Either it is through their unique brand concept, fighting for skateboarders’ rights with the city council to keep Bordeaux’s classic spots such as “Pey Berland” rideable, or taking us and the younger generation of the city’s skate rats on a vacation to Milan (Read the full article in Volume 2!) Leo and the crew always go the extra mile to push skateboarding forward, whilst keeping an authentic and down to earth vibe – something that is getting scarcer everyday in this day and age.

“Just Cruise” was first released on DVD in 2015, but since Apple apparently forgot to put a player to read them on their last models, you’ll find it appropriate that the boys decided to update their masterpiece to the intranet… and we highly recommend to pour yourself a glass of red and give it a go!

Featuring: Ben Gore, Soy Panday, Zach Lyons, Leo Valls, Glen Fox, Vivien Feil, Kohichiro Uehara, Carlos Young, Masaki Ui, Connor Kammerer, Takahiro Morita, Jimmy Lannon & friends.

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