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The formative days.

Turning up to Ericeira is a ritual usually greeted with wall to wall sunshine, good waves and clement winds. Not this time, the oh will it ever end European winter has kept the warmer climes at bay, this time the long anticipated arrival in Ericeira was met with a town in storm lock down mode. 

However the one of the many beauties of Portugal lies in its variety, a bow of many strings, so plans were hatched over a few icey Super Bocks and foggily executed the morning after. We loaded vans and headed south.

Oh the Algarve! The warmth. The aquamarine water. The sun on your back and the wind in your hair. The grass is green and the swordfish and lemon is to die for. We’re staying at Alex Botelho‘s apartment in central Lagos and life couldn’t be finer. The cobbles, the light, the infinite churches and their bell towers that toil over the soft glow of the evening in the city and the waves! Whilst the west coast is getting a hammering from yet another swell, we’ve found a few sneaky (not so little) corners to wiggle our way into….In fact life’s that good, we might stay around for a while…

Follow the Volcom soldiers’ path in operation #rumblefish here, as we are just getting started…

Text: Alexei Obolensky / Framegrabs: Guillem Cruells.

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