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It is no secret that TCSS is a brand we’re fond of.

Launched in 2009 by a couple of surfers and artists in a sleepy seaside village on the Central Coast of NSW Australia, The Critical Slide Society – TCSS – is a brand working with artists, photographers, designers, filmmakers, surfers from across the globe, all of whom share a similar outlook.

It originated from the founders having a vision of an authentic, creative label as a platform that celebrates an emerging alternative movement within surf culture: one that is less about the winner’s podium and more about the simple joy of a deeply engaged surfing life.

The brand has been working on “TCSS Society”, a series of lo-fi style short profile pieces showcasing the network of friends that makes TCSS the independent creative platform that it is today. Dive in the first few episodes featuring Filmmakers Sam Kristofski and Stephan Hunt, musician Arthur Ahbez, shaper Ryan Glover and photographer Derek Anderson.

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