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After what was meant to be one night in the Algarve quickly spun into five (read fun waves, warm weather, unreal food and nocturnal activities…) we loaded up and headed back to the spiritual heartlands of Ericeira.

But this Ericeira was not the Ericeira we knew and love. Greeted by our house manager and all time Coxos legend Miguel Fortess, he quickly informs us it’s been the worst winter ever. He wasn’t lying, back to back swells, rain and onshore winds fraught the coast. So we waited. And waited. Lay days can be a welcome blessing on a surf trip. Five consecutive lay days are a challenge, especially when met with the youthful ‘enthusiasm’ of certain members of the team…

However not to be disheartened we set about being productive. And being productive means one thing. Lisbon. It’s no secret we fucking love Lisbon. Twinkling over the mythical hills of Sintra her lights glisten and have enticed us time and time again… Lisbon has everything you need and more. Black high heels on the end of exceptional legs clatter down winding cobbled streets. Marlboro Reds are smoked by girls in little black dresses with olive skin and sultry eyes. We repeatedly and duly gave in, and under the pretence of surfing Carcavelos headed to Lisbon. Carcavelos is an interesting place to say the least. Nestled inbetween Lisbon and Cascais, theres fun(ish) waves and you’ll be surfing with Lisbon’s commuting and surfing elite. Suited with tie, straight outta the S Class Benz into a wet 3/2 and they will surf surprisingly well. It’s of note that attractive members of the fairer sex are everywhere in Cascais so it’s worth staying for a drink. And stay we did. A few beers in Carcavelos can and most likely will escalate into into going for a couple of quiet ones in Lisbon and this is also to be encouraged. Lisbon is a myriad of good times and there’s not enough time to go into this now, however we will only say that if you ever happen to be in town as the sun sets over the bridge head to Cais Do Sodre, hit the Pensão del Amor and you will need no further destination….

Having said that, there’s only a certain amount of lay days that our patience / livers can tolerate. Thankfully the swell is sorting itself up, the sun is coming back and the winds are clement. We’ve been warned that our last week here could be seriously on the cook with possibly the best swell of the season lining up for Nazaré…..


Framegrabs by Guillem Cruells / Text by Alexei Obolensky.

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