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Our friend Johanna Olk is one gifted individual.

Hailing from Britany but now based around our ends in the South West of France (Guetary to be precise) Johanna is an artist with many talents. After studying industrial design, she developed throughout the years a unique aesthetic, based on and raw lines and simple compositions. 

Johanna is not afraid of switching mediums, often transposing her drawings to bigger canvasses (remember “Soleils Eteints“, last autumn?) or even people’s skin, having spent a lot of time tattooing for the past few years. Johanna recently added a new dimension to her wonderful body of work with her new design project called Abrupt Studio, and her latest creation called “Lea”. Named after Johanna’s grandmother, Lea is a 8 x 11 x 9 cm sculpture made of ceramic powder based on her women drawings and paintings. Following the creation process via Johanna’s Instagram was a good reminded about how much work can sometime be hidden behind the beauty of art piece… but the final result is a treat to the eye that would grace even the slickest interiors.

Click here to learn more about “Lea” and here to keep up to date with Johanna latest projects!

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