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Originals, Videos May 3, 2018June 28th, 2020

In Conversation with Ryan Burch

We first met Ryan during our last year’s surf jaunt through Europe we christened Eurothrash.

   Pre the 14 day haze that descended we realized that aside from some really, really fucked up surfing in Psychic Migrations, and knowing he hailed from Southern California – we didn’t know a whole lot about him… But oh do we love a surprise! Ryan turned up with a selection of self shaped sleds that were a constant source of fascination, over the weeks that followed we learnt he’s an intriguing, interesting and above all talented individual. From shaping, to his out look on waves, and of course his surfing, Ryan is one of the most unique characters out there in Surfing. We learnt that if Ryan starts talking about surfing, you quickly pipe down and listen.

   His design influence has also spread outside of just boards, and he’s released a neat little capsule with Volcom you can buy from us, and despite the commercial plug (we’d love to pay rent this month) – We hope that makes you happy!


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