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You’ve probably read it everywhere by now: this winter in Europe was one of the worst in recent memories.

Although, the good side of the story is that everybody seems eager for revenge. The sun has been (partially) back above South West France and good times have been aplenty… and there’s more coming!

Our little finger tells us that May will be even greater than April, and the upcoming week is a good start to proove this point. Starting today in Bordeaux. Our good friends from Rave Skateboards and Riot Skateshop are teaming up to premiere Jodej, a new skate video starring PJ Chapuis, Alex Richard, Olivier Boucle, François Tizon and more. Get your best pair of spead-dealers ready (here’s a good start) and get ready for a fast night.


We’re then heading to Paris for another one we’re very impatient to check out: We’re talking about “Here and There”, Levi’s skateboarding new video directed by no other than Joaquim Bayle, the man behind the Öctagon masterpieces such as “Codebase“, “Perceptiön” or “Surveyör“. Filmed in Naples, the short will feature Levi’s Europe finest such as Edouard Depaz, Val Bauer, Quentin Boillon, Ale Cesario, Charlie Munro, Manny Lopez & Mickey Patrick.

If you happen to be either in Bordeaux or Paris this week, we highly recommend showing up and we hope to drink a cold one – or a Shisha Pomme – with you!

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