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If you’re not already familiar with the Rave boys, then here’s a proper introduction.

Rave is a skateboard brand coming straight from the minds of several well known individuals in the french skate sceneincluding PJ Chapuis, Edouard Depaz and Alex Richard to name just a few. Since their introduction 2 years ago, Rave has developed a very singular identityOne based on bright colored product lines including bum bags worn by the speed dealers at your local techno party, french rap look-alike promo videos and skate clips set to soundtracks that will make your heart-rate pump.

One thing that the Rave boys manage to pull off perfectly is using different visual mediums without ending up with a washed up imagethings that often end up happening when other brands try to do so. Hailing from the streets, it’s no surprise to see the boys go heavy on the Vx-1000, but they are not afraid of pairing with other filmmakers either, and the recent REGRESS (see below) directed by Jason Yan Francis is a very good example of them being perfectly able to use a more cinematic look.

For now, we will leave you with JODEJ, starring most of the boys on their latest skate tour around Madrid. Put on your seat-belts and press that turquoise triangle.

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