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Being based in Europe opens you to plenty of travel opportunities, but New Zealand is not one of them, and Adelio just made the whole office pretty jealous with their latest clip.

If you haven’t heard of Adelio yet, we recommend that you quickly get informed, as we can guaranty you will be hearing a lot about them in the future as they’re moving up in rubber suits’ world. Being lucky to learnt how to surf in Caribbean and putting my first wetsuit on when moving to France just before my 20s, you can imagine that my relationship with the good old winter 4/3 is pretty tumultuous. But having to try one of their suits made surfing February Seignosse close-outs a more comfortable experience.

Adelio is pretty much a one man band ran by a lovely guy from the Central Coast of Australia named Brett, focusing on product quality (Have a read!) and getting their suits in the hands of surfers who reflect their polished aesthetics, namely Chippa Wilson, Oscar Langburne and Robbie Rickard, who they recently took on a trip to New Zealand. They came back with SOJOURN, an extended stay in NZ. Dive in.

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