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All hail the cyberweb!

We’ve been following the success story of Surf Cassette for a while via the powers of social media and it’s beautiful to see it all come together today with the release of their second opus. From the early 480p frame-grabs of extreme aquatic stunts, to candid behind the scene shots of business meetings inside the Surf Cassette headquarters, and then the high budget release tour through Australia, the build up to Surf Cassette 2 has been real.

The boys have taken a big commitment by investing in high end camera gear and expensive satin suits, but business is a cut-throat activity and only risk takers succeed. In this case, the team led by film-maker Josh Simpson took advantage of the financial void and numbers aren’t lying: Surf Cassette is on their way to world domination, to the point where we’re all asking ourselves: Who is Dow Jones?

On a serious note, we love the vibe of the whole movie. From epic parts from surf celebs such as Noa Deane, Creed McTaggart, Harry Bryant, Shaun Manners, to clips featuring some less known Australian rippers, the whole film features some legit surfing that we highly recommend checking out. In a surf world where everything seems to rotate around the latest WSL gossips and the newest wave pool, it’s refreshing to see there’s still some pockets of humor and some crew not taking things too seriously!

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