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Phil Zwijsen has been on our list of interviewees for a while.

Namely because he recently fell in love with surfing and moved to the small town of Guéthary, a short drive from our office here in the French Basque Country. Being one of the locals now, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to hang out with one of Europe’s finest skateboarders.

When discussing this with Phil in Copenhagen last August, Tuborgs in hand, the thought of eating pintxos and skating down-hills seemed sounded far too appealing to resist. We thought we would be done in no time. But that was on paper… and without taking into account how much of an active schedule Phil has. Before we knew it, he was filming in Spain with Jarne… then he hurt his hip… then he went to the States, and then Russia… Our iMessage thread is a 3-month ode to mistiming. By that time it was already November and with winter in full swing in the Basque Country, skating outside was not an easy duty.

Through some form of divine intervention however, we were blessed with two days of blue skies on Phil’s new turf. We therefore jumped at the chance to hang out, surf, skate and pick the brain of one of Belgium’s finest exports.

A video by Yentl Touboul & Robin Pailler, supported by Monster Energy.

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