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From the World June 7, 2018


We do love a good road-trip and we know the Volcom boys also share a love life on the fringe.

Having experienced life on the road with them for two weeks filming for Eurothrash, we are in a good position to say they’re actually very skilled at it. All always making sure tunes are on point and the vibes are high regardless of the quality of the waves & the weather.

The weather. As you’ve probably heard about it, things have been enigmatic this year in Europe. Whilst the likes of Berlin and Copenhagen were graced by thermometers reaching 30°C in May, the French South-West was (and is still) experiencing its worst season in years. With winter showing no sign of back off, Volcom decided to throw their best French recruits, namely Willy Aliotti, Charly Quivront and Baptiste Gaud in a camper van and send them North. The boys apparently didn’t score the best waves, but knowing the unstoppable enthusiasm of these 3, they still managed to enjoy their times on the road:

It has been long awaited the chance to come back and visit Bretagne and enjoy the beautiful landscapes, the delicious crepes and the tasty cider. Unfortunately, we cannot say that we found good waves … it was mostly small and on-shore and as everyone told us “You should have been here yesterday, it was pumping !”

Bad timing ? Maybe … but the guys prefer to surf on-shore waves anyway !

Enjoy a few moment from their time on the road frozen in time by Kevin Berthelot.

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