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Interviews, Videos June 18, 2018April 9th, 2021

In Conversation with Gony and Santi Zubizaretta.

Now Gony won’t be a stranger to most of you out there. The big hearted, long smiling and charismatic Spanish regular footer has long been on the scene capturing the hearts and minds of the people all over Europe. However his brother Santi, is slightly more of an enigma. We’d heard of the music composing, mural painting, fan zine maker but hadn’t had a chance to meet him. He’d pop up, play a gig in Vigo and then disappear. We’d hear rumours of him painting in Lisbon and then he would be nowhere to be found. However, recently on location for Rumblefish, our latest project in the works with our friends at Volcom, we got the chance to sit down with them both and pick apart their beginnings, Santi’s love (or hate?) for travelling on the pro circuit with his brother and what makes them tick as brothers. Hit the triangle above to learn more! 


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