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Sitting down for a 40min surf video is very demanding in our day and age marked by a collective reduction in attention span.

But that’s just what I found myself doing, not really planning on doing so, after deciding to give DRAG‘s new video a go. I had seen the Insta stories (hello Chipp!) and after reading some reports about the wild premieres in Australia, I knew something was up, and had to figure it out for myself by playing the full vid after its release on the www. And it turned out to be some of the most enjoyable viewing of this year by far, the perfect balance between gnarly clips and irony. It all made us want to trade our macbook pros for a quiver of soft tops and spend the whole weekend surfing shore-breaks, and what else can you really ask for a surf video?

Now we can understand if you don’t have 40mn to spend in front of your computer, but do yourself a favor and skip to Chippa‘s part at at 22:53. It had the whole office baffled if that can be a proof of how screwed it is… Seriously, what he does on these bodyboards/soft-tops is ridiculous.

Also, kneeboarding is fucking cool. The Skip to 12:15 if you don’t believe us.

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