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Have you ever heard of Betamax?

Betamax is one of these forgotten video formats. It was an alternative and direct competition to VHS at the time of its launch in the 80’s. Although Betamax produced a slightly better image quality than VHS, it never got the commercial success of the later due to its lower recording ratio per tape and poor marketing.

If you red our interview with Evan Mock in Vol.2, you’ve heard about Palace‘s recent trip to Hawaii, and it’s with great pleasure that we wake up to the surprise of the video documenting the said trip being released online. On top of an intro for the books and an epic Evan Mock x Arto Saari cameo, it features the boys’ getting tropical (hear above the knee attire, coconuts straight from the trees, Hawaiian shirts, and of course, the old bodyboard shore-break rides) and makes for one of our favorite releases ever from the London mandem. 

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