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Traditionally, we’ve been told, magazines have a release schedule. Which we did, albeit loosely. But when the phone rings and a soft yet suggestive voice asks if you’d like to throw a release party in South Africa in six weeks time, you say, ‘Yes of course’, and then wonder, ‘How?’.

An actual deadline we had to stick to. We used to take pride in missing them. Now we’re committed to them. Is this growing up?

Anyway, in this case, growing up meant we had to get back to work, and who else to inspire us to do so than guys who shaped our (ongoing) grom hood, such as CJ and Taj. Seeing them putting so much energy into their own ventures, we found renewed vigour for our own. The stars of productivity aligned and yes, you’ve guessed it – we’ve been busy since Vol. II.

Three quiet weeks in the library with the Volcom team in Portugal is always a good way to add substantial gravitas to the 27 Club theory. Being arrested and held at the Slovenian border with Sammy Montano whilst in our heads wishing we were back drinking Cidra in Zarautz. Watching Dane surf his own shaped boards at the very same Zarautz at the best lo-fi contest we’ve ever attended. Joining Skegss on their UK tour, described by our young Catalan reporter as being ‘utterly savage’. Pints in Manchester, jarras in Fuerteventura, vin in Biarritz, and rain in New Zealand.

And suddenly, there is rolls of film being sent, we-transfers being received, pens being put to paper and another part of the process is starting. The actual making of it, which is a completely different story. Even more so when having to shrink what usually is an ongoing one-month process into one week, and each member of your team is away in a different country. But a deadline was set, and committed we were. Also, we would rather spend a couple of sleepless nights than having to face an angry Spanish printer. Trust us, you don’t want to deal with that.

And somehow, after a testing few days both physically and mentally, a small dose of chance and a large side of misadventure, a lovely guy named Alberto ended up dropping a large amount of boxes in front our warehouse. We won’t spoil all the fun just yet, but knowing our penchant for the old release blowout, guessing what we’re cooking for you won’t be too hard. 

We actually start the celebrations tonight in South Africa. Yes, J-Bay to be precise. We managed to fly some of the magazines there, it’s Joel Parkinson’s retirement, and we will host the semi official-ish (we cool WSL ?) event closing party. Needless to say that if you happened to be in this beautiful place, passing by is highly recommended! Details above.

Oh… and for those enjoying the fruits of summer in Europe, we’ve got something planned for you as well… watch this space as more details will be announced in the next few days.

With love,

WT x 


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