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You might have heard about it by now; Volume III is out!

We’ve had a helluva time celebrating the release in South Africa, and magazines are currently being shipped all over Europe, and available via our online store for your viewing pleasure.

But stopping the fun there would be turning a cold shoulder on the stomping grounds of South West France in summer, a place we fucking love. Despite always making plans to stay away from the estival crowds, we somehow always end up staying. But with thermometers showing no sign of dropping bellow the 30°C mark, the banks being the best they’ve been in ages and France being in the final of the world cup, things could be waaay worst than this.

We’ve also just received a shit ton of magazines in our warehouse, and we thought it would be the perfect occasion for us to share them with you… So with the help of our good friends at RVCA & Stance, we’ve cooked you a good old release blowout, mainly fueled by Man and Wolf lager and some live music from two bands we adore: Cockpit and CHEAAP. Combined this with our old friends and hosts with the mosts at Coolín Hossegor on a Friday 13th, it should be a very quiet night in the Library indeed…

Pimp all the details via the Facebook event, and see you very shortly.

WT x

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