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The making of a video (let alone a full length one) is already a very demanding task. Its release on the other hand, is a completely different – yet important beast.

Quasi Skateboards took more than a year to accumulate all the footage for their new full video, “Mother”, only to see it taken offline at the time of its release due to musical rights problems, from what we hear. After being freed again via some dark we-transfer links, then on Pornhub, the video is back on the softer side of the cyber thanks to one of the finest, yet very understated, Youtube accounts: Veganxbones. If you read these lines, thanks for making the viewing way more confortable in the presence of our parents/girlfriends…

Watch Gilbert Crockett, Dick Rizzo, Al Davis, Jake Johnson (this will always be way better than any Instagram account), Tyler Bledsoe and more in what turns out to be one of the best releases of an already great year for skate videos.

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