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Vincent Milou has been absolutely crushing it of late. 

He’s been on such a level this year that it’s easy to forget that he hails from our little surf town in South West France. And hearing the name of the city of Tarnos— this tiny and quiet village South of Hossegor—being screamed out loud at any international skate event is always very odd.

Witnessing Vincent go from this kid ripping crusty skateparks to one that takes 2nd places at Street League events (fast tracking it to being a full time member of the tour by the same occasion) has been very impressive. And it would be easy to picture Vincent as that contest guy, but seeing him consistently release solid skate parts is a proof that he’s so shy about getting dirty in the streets, and if you still can’t get your head around it, then take a look at “Noon:30”. I mean who starts a part with a kickflip front lipslide down Hollywood 16?! And in case that’s not enough to get you in, then keep in mind the ender is even crazier…

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