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Pop Trading Company has been releasing quality clips of late, and this collaboration with master lensman Sami El Hassani is no different.

If you’re not familiar with his work, we highly recommend checking his collaborations with fellow Dutchman, Nassim Guammaz, including his clip for the Sosh Highlight contest (filmed in a week on an iPhone) and also, his amazing full length called “Bombaklats” featuring some of Europe’s finests.

But today is all about Antwerp, a city we’ve heard a lot about recently—probably after spending a lot of time with Phil Zwijsen whilst he was designing his new board, featuring the city hall’s statue. The town is indeed the focus of this new 4:3 episode, and what a banger. Filming and editing are on point, adding to the already very dynamic and creative lines from the likes of Yeelen Moens, Alex Raeymaekers, Jeff van der Veken, Logan Da Silva Ortiz, Willem Dirks and more…

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