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Originals, Videos August 2, 2018June 28th, 2020

An Afternoon with Fortifem

Ain’t love a beautiful thing? And two people in love, doing what they love is even more beautiful! 

During the filming of Rumblefish (yes we know we bang on about it a lot) we had the chance to meet Fortifem, a charming young couple hailing from Paris, we shared a house and wine and laughs and watched them paint under the Portuguese light of the evening when the evenings are cold in spring and life was fantastic.

Learning more about them the beginnings of their career in album covers for punk rock bands (despite being oh so softly spoken), their work in fashion and their relationship with Volcom, we switched on the cameras, sat back and listened. 

Video by Guillem Cruells / Photos by Vincent Coupeau.

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