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Before we met Noa whilst filming for Eurothrash, we already knew that everything was pointing him as one of the best surfers of the new generation.

But watching him getting bombs at 10ft Cave on his own made things clear. On top of having one of the best air-games in surfing, Noa is not a one trick pony. And this was soon to be confirmed by Noa’s winter on the North Shore, where he raised a lot of eyebrows, packing bombs at Backdoor and casually kicking John John Florence out of the Volcom Pipe Pro, on his way to a semi-final finish for what was his first comp in five years… All of this to say that Noa is a complete surfer and genuinely the funnest dude to go on a trip with, and we couldn’t wait for his new project to go live.

Noa’s latest video (his longest yet) was one of the most hyped edits of the year, and boy it didn’t disappoint. The soundtrack, featuring the likes of Dinosaur Jr. and Wash is banging. Filming and editing are on point, highlighting what is the best surfing we’ve seen from Noa so far. Mikey Mallalieu and the boys at Volcom killed it on this one, and to be honest you shouldn’t even be reading this, and should dive straight away into it.

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