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Photos:  Wouter de Wolf  / Words:  Yentl T . 

Photos: Wouter de Wolf / Words: Yentl T

We’re in a bus somewhere between Amsterdam and Berlin.

A little closer to Berlin than Amsterdam I’d say.

If I’m being honest with my feelings, the journey is getting quite long with the recent break of the AC, and for a second, I almost caught myself being jealous of our filmer Robin Pailler who took the decision of flying instead of getting on the Monster Bus. But the comfy couches, the stories from our legendary bus driver and the box of Mexican mushrooms bought prior the departure make things way more enjoyable.

But enough about our journey, and back to what brought us there:

It’s no secret that the Copenhagen Open is one of our favorite times of the year. The organizers decided to take the show on the road for this edition, and before arriving to Berlin for the gran finale, a stopover was organized in a city we adore: Amsterdam!

After arriving in the middle of the annual gay pride party and having just enough down time to recover, we were graced by the arrival of the circus; Between the skaters, organizers, TMs, Ishod and a lot of other familiar faces, seeing them all roll in to town really made justice to the event’s now official surname: “The Champagne of Skateboarding”. Everybody all converged to the triple x city and more precisely to Weteringplantsoen. The park’s pavement was a bit rough and the ledges a bit low for the likings of Eric Koston, but the cool shadow created by trees and the extensive amount of ice cold Jupilers made the 32°C way more bearable.

After getting on a boat, that eventually broke, forcing us to abandon ship, we then arrived to the Marnix Bowl for the main Jam of the day. And what a show it was. Milton Martinez is a beast and we can’t tell who from Oski or Ishod is the smoothest, but it’s Jacopo Carozzi who blew everybody’s mind away, on a terrain that was very far from his home turf of Milano Centrale. We could try and explain everything that went down with words, but the photos of our good friend Wouter de Wolf would do way better justice to the madness that went down.

Back on the autobahn: after a few pit spots, we’re now about to arrive in Berlin, and according to the program we have on hands, things might get pretty lose… Watch this space and make sure to keep up with our IG stories for more!

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