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The drive to Portugal is long and usually uneventful.

But the destination is always worth it. Returning to places you’ve been before can really put the cat amongst the pigeons as a hard act to follow. However with the teamsheet assembled we had little doubt we’d be on for a good one.

 We would rent a house that anywhere outside of Portugal would be out of our budgets and we would live there for the best part of a month as a happy, yet highly dysfunctional family. We would go between wedges in the Algarve, the scary side of surfing in Nazare, 6am finishes in Lisbon and the glorious points of Ericeria.

We would call it Rumble fish.

A Volcom Surf Movie

Produced by Wasted Talent

Shot and edited by Guillem Cruells 

Starring Alex Bothelo, Gony Zubizarreta, William Aliotti, Joao Moreira, Charly Quivront, Maud Lecar,  Bapiste Gaud and Harry Timson

For the grande premiere of the movie, we will be gathering the whole Volcom crew in La Ruche Moderne, Anglet, along with inviting a band you should be now familiar with, and we promise that it’ll be something you don’t want to miss.

The full details are oh so eloquently explained via the poster bellow, and we very much hope to see you there!


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