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From the World August 30, 2018October 5th, 2022


Every few years Pontus Alv graces us with one of his films.

Compared to his past few ones, Polar‘s latest opus has been quite a surprise to most people as the brand only announced the release of “We blew it at some point” just a few days before the first premieres a few weeks ago. And damn, the produced surprise effect added to an already very heavy video. In the typical Polar fashion, everything is 100% on point. From soundtrack selection, to filming itself and the overall rhythm of the video… it all comes together perfectly and makes what is probably one of the best skate teams out there, even better. We won’t add much (apart that Emile Laurent is a crazy talented freak) and will rather encourage you to plug your widest screen/loudest speakers, and dive into this masterpiece.

And if that’s not enough, here’s a direct access to what is in our opinion, one of the greatest skate videos of all time…

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