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If you’ve been following us for a while, the name Kylian Castells will sure be familiar.

Originating from Barcelona, Kyli is one of the best European filmmakers we know of. After producing films for several brands and filming for various projects around Europe, he recently transitioned to Indonesia and has been keeping busy since. On top of working on what he described us in his usual hilarious fashion, as a “hotel for dogs”, he’s spent the vast majority of his time surrounded by water, wether it was in Bali where he’s based, or around the numerous islands of the Indonesian archipelago where we worked on several projects such as SAMBAL, that we highly recommend checking out. Throughout all these trips, Kyli stacked up an impressive amount of underwater footage, and instead of the B-rolls sitting on a dusty hard-drive, he decided to put it all together, giving birth to this wonderful little clip. We’ll leave you with it, as well as a few words from the man himself:

“Last year I was caught on deadlines, working extra hours for clients, waiting endlessly for reward. From one day to another my passion became my job. I needed to feel water at it’s purest form, the beat that forces me to wake up first light in the morning, the silence underwater and the noise of each wave holding me down; that’s exactly what keeps me running. This is not an under assignment job, this is a portrait of all those little things that makes everything worth it.” 

If you haven’t done it yet, check out SAMBAL, featuring one of our favorite European characters, Ainara Aymat.

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