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From the World September 6, 2018April 9th, 2021

Down Time with Gilbert Crockett

Gilbert Crockett‘s Mother part is unarguably one of the best skate sections of this past year.

If you still haven’t seen the full film, we highly recommend to do yourself a favor and at least check his part, as it just got released on Thrasher. After being a lot on the road, the Virginian native has been enjoying some down time at home in Richmond, focusing on what drives him outside of the board. We already knew that Gilbert had a strong eye for fashion—just judging from his outfits—and and meeting him in London last year for the release of his Vans signature shoe confirmed this. The above video goes a little deeper and gives us more depth about the man’s love for vintage clothing & invites us to join him on his journey collecting unique pieces at auctions and selling them in his store, called “Cee Blues“.

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